X-Golf Bunbury

With indoor golf simulators on the rise, X-Golf is expanding its reach down to Bunbury!

X-Golf has been on the ground and growing in Australasia for 4 years now and pioneering the golf simulator industry in Australia. With their state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators; X-Golf offers their clients unparalleled accuracy and realism, through a combination of camera systems, infrared lasers, impact sensors, and advanced gaming software.

After the successful partnership between Canford and X-Golf to acquire the liquor licence for X-Golf Joondalup, X-Golf is opening up a new venue in Bunbury.

In order to allow their clients to be able to enjoy a cold drink or two while on the digital course, Canford has assisted in acquiring a Small Bar Licence for X-Golf Bunbury.

To get the venue up and running; Canford assisted in applying to the local Council to change the use of the premises to recreation private – which was sorted under delegated authority. This was due to the Council taking issue with the lack of car parking available for the venue. Canford assisted in writing submissions and obtaining concessions regarding the carpark shortfall. This resulted in approval being granted from the Council to change the use of their building to recreation private.

Oftentimes issues with car parking arise from local Councils during the application process resulting in the application process becoming contentious and lengthy.

With Council issues sorted, it was the just a matter of assisting with the document collation for the small bar licence application, and having the licence granted and issued within their timeline.

Thank you to Blair and Grant Keenan for the opportunity to assist with the Bunbury venue. We are looking forward to seeing more X-Golf venues pop up around WA. Keep an eye out for another X-Golf opening up in Rockingham sometime in August.

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