Wembley Golf Course

The Wembley Golf Course is a hub for golfers, families and tourists. It has become the busiest public golf course in WA. Because of  venues like the 2 story driving range and the new mini golf course, it has something to offer for everyone. Having these amazing facilities to bring people together, opened an opportunity to develop a full 360 experience. After investing in a new state-of-the-art driving range and revamped pro shop, the Town of Cambridge turned its attention to the old tavern. The tavern was in need of re-invigoration and modernisation. So, Canford was engaged to bring design ideas and ergonomics to the project.

The first step was to conduct a feasibility study. Feasibility studies are done to establish the size and capacity of the desired venue. They help judge whether the anticipated business could pay enough rent, thereby justifying the cost of construction. So, working alongside the head architect (Gresley Abbas) – we created a practical, refined and attractive bar and restaurant area. Further to this, because the Wembley golf Course now has a top quality function room, it has become a very popular destination for golf days, as well as corporate functions and weddings. 

The real feather in the cap, was seeing the new tavern and function facility surpass their projected sales as predicted in the initial feasibility study, within 2 years, because of the work we did. Canford was instrumental in the redesign of the entire food and beverage venue. It’s success speaks to the quality of work we put in and always want to see out of a project. The project was an overall success not just for the golfers, but for the local community and for the environment. It sits above the rest, because of the scope of services it can now offer.

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