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Stonebarn is an internationally recognised Truffle company with a farm in WA’s South West and head office in Perth. Visiting their online store, there is a wide array of Truffle infused products available for purchase. Stonebarn is a well-known and popular WA brand that dominates the truffle market in Australia. In February of this year, they engaged Canford to help obtain a liquor licence to begin selling and distributing their Truffle beer from their Perth office.

After meeting with Lance & Abbe from their Perth office, it was agreed that a Wholesale liquor licence would be best suited to their distribution intentions. Given their Special Facility Liquor Licence currently in operation at their base in Manjimup , they wanted a licence that gave them the freedom to sell their packaged truffle beer to merchants through their Perth office.

Throughout the course of this application, a few issues cropped up. Primarily, their Truffle Beer was ready for distribution from fairly early on from when Canford were engaged. This made things time sensitive. Secondly, was the issue of nominating and approving an onsite/off-site storage location. It soon became clear that their office in North Perth would not get approved, and so the application was paused while Stonebarn sought new premises.

stonebarn truffles

From this point, Canford aided in completing the document gathering process, lodging  their liquor licence application in September. This was 7 months after our initial engagement. Within the 2 months from the date of lodgement to the conditional grant, a number of issues arose. Particularly, certification issues with the floor layout had to be satisfied, and a new floor plan / re-defined licensed area plan had to be drawn. This negotiation process of agreeing upon an amicable licensed area between Council, the tenant and the licensing authority pushed the eventual issuing of licence documents out by another month, to the first week of December.

stonebarn truffles

Thankfully, the Stonebarn Truffles Perth office are now successfully trading under a Wholesale liquor licence. What has been made particularly evident with this application, is that there will always be unforeseen problems and issues that will arise with getting Council and Licensing approvals sorted. Canford is glad to have been engaged and to have helped Stonebarn navigate the best way forward to an approval.

We wish the Stonebarn team the best for 2022. Look out for Truffle Beer coming to a packaged liquor outlet near you!

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