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Special Facility Licence - what's so special?

Liquor licence applications comes in many different forms. Often times, businesses want to operate with the freedom to sell packaged/non-packaged liquor, and as a result,  they don’t fall under traditional food and beverage description. This means that a Special Facility Licence (SFL) may be required. If you’ve ever been to Palace Cinemas in Raine Square and enjoyed a drink while watching a movie – that would be because of their SFL that Canford worked one and obtained for them.

So why apply for an SFL?

  1. Trading conditions for other licence types may not be suitable for your way of operating
  2. You’re running a low key operation, and applying for a tavern licence (for example) would cost too much
  3. An application for another licence type would likely attract objections

SFL’s are given out only for a specific and prescribed purpose. So, below is a list of operations that are available to applicants who fall into our SFL category, per The Act;

  • Amusement Venues – i.e.  arcade or karaoke
  • Bed and Breakfast venues
  • Catering companies
  • Foodhalls
  • Function centres
  • Room service restaurants
  • Sports arenas
  • Cinemas
  • Transport
  • Catering Companies
  • Online wine sellers
  • Tourism
  • Works canteen
  • Educational Training Courses
  • Auctions

Special Facility Licences allow you (the operator) to sell alcohol as a benefit to your business that otherwise mightn’t be possible, given the nature of your operation.

We have recently done work with Piccadilly Theatre, Luna Cinemas, Spices catering and more  in obtaining SFL’s. They are just some examples of businesses who have worked with us to add to their customer experience.

If you are thinking of adding the selling of liquor to your business in any shape or form, and you are a little confused as to how to go about it – get in touch!


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