Sound Brewing Co.

In mid-2021, Canford were approached by Aimee and Clint of The Collective Rockingham. The tavern’s popularity and success in Rockingham had lead them to the idea of re-branding and re-sizing their premises. The idea was to create ‘Sound Brewing Co’, a new, larger scale tavern that could house proper beer brewing facilities and provide a facelift to their venue. This large-scale change involved having to move to new premises some 100m down the road – which resulted in Aimee & Clint engaging Canford to assist with a removal of licence application.

While a seemingly simple application, given Aimee and Clint weren’t adding a new licensed venue to the Rockingham locality, and only moving their premises 100m down the road – the application actually required a full public interest submission and gathering of objective evidence. Further, to complicate matters, a substantial change of use application with the City of Rockingham was required to change the new premises from ‘restaurant/cafe’ to ‘tavern’.

Once development approval was received, the application was able to move onto completion. The public interest submissions were largely centred on the success and non-offensive style of operation of The Collective Rockingham. Given the tavern had already existed for a number of years and was only just moving down the road, the submissions did not need to be too in depth.

What did help the strength of these submissions, and eventually helped gain approval was the immensely positive witness responses received. Clearly Aimee & Clint are important and well-liked hospitality operators in their community.

A couple weeks ago, the final steps to approval for Sound Brewing Co. were completed and the business re-opened. Their premises and fit-out looks great, and they are based at 217 Syren Street, Rockingham. If you are around the area, please drop in.

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