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Fringe Festival 2021

Fringe 2021 - The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Perth’s favourite summer season event is back once again for 2021 – Fringe Festival.  The fact this festival is running is further proof of the privileged position we find ourselves in here in WA. While the shows and entertainment are slightly more limited this year due to travel restrictions, the fact that we get to enjoy Fringe Festival anywhere near it’s usual soaring heights is a big enough win.

While it’s a huge win for the entertainers that get the rewards for their hard work and dedication they put into their shows, it’s also a win for the food and beverage businesses throughout the CBD.  This is in part, largely thanks to the central hub of Fringe – the ever popular Woodside Pleasure Garden.

Taking up residence in Aberdeen Park, Northbridge – the Woodside Pleasure Gardens is a haven/neutral ground for all Fringe goers coming to and from shows. There are so many shows nearby, and an abundance of entertainment available within. The roster of shows can be found here.

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If you’ve yet to make your way down – we think it might be time for you to make some plans. Not just to support the festival, but to support the local food and beverage businesses that work late into the night.

Being able to have this entire set up within the Pleasure Gardens is no easy task.  If you asked any of restaurants, bars and taverns in the area, they’d tell you how great an event like Fringe Festival is for business. Particularly after the last year we’ve had. The influx of people Fringe Festival brings to the City is exactly what these businesses need.

All of this is to say – get down and support the hospitality and entertainment industry, and go see a show! We are in a great position to be able to spend our summer nights like this, and a little goes a long way.

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