Damaged Goods Distilling Co.

Throughout mid-2023, Canford assisted Tim Larfela (founder) in acquiring a producer’s liquor licence for Damaged Goods Distilling Co. 

This is the latest hospitality service offering to Great Northern Highway, serving up spirits for both tasting on-site, and for takeaway. 

The operation was born out of a passion to save the planet, and make use of ingredients that are usually wasted or underutilised in the hospitality / spirit making industry.

The application process for their liquor licence took around 6 months from when Tim signed on with us, to having his health approval issued, and then his liquor licence documents released. 

We are thankful to have been of assistance on the Damaged Goods Distilling Co journey. The venue opens it’s doors this weekend (October 6th). If you are seeking something new to try in the Swan Valley, make this your next stop!

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