Fremantle Beerfest

Craft Beers to try: Fremantle Beerfest

Going into summer, you need to make sure you’re picking out the right drinks for the right occasions. WA has a vibrant and well known craft beer scene – and with the Fremantle Beerfest  on this weekend – we thought we’d give our 2 cents on what craft beers to try. Hopefully we pick out a couple brewers that you might not be too familiar with. 

Kook Brewing Co.

Kook have been around for over 4 years now – and label themselves as a small batch brewer. Their core range extends from a pale ale through to a grapefruit IPA. If that weren’t enough, they can be caught doing special releases like the Vanilla Milkshake IPA – which will be on display this weekend. Our pick from the bunch is the tangerine sour – the perfect match for a warm evening. If you want to get a look at their range follow the link here.

Kook Brewing CO

Wilson Brewing Company

Hailing from Albany and beginning their journey in 2016 – Wilson Brewing will be showcasing their range at the beerfest this weekend too. Putting their spin on classic session ales and bitter ales – they’re not one to miss if you enjoy beer with a Great Southern influence. Making as much use of WA’s southern produce as possible, their core range is more than formidable. The Wilson brand is a personal, family product – with the owner, Matthew Wilson – building the brewery himself. The care they take in the beer is to be commended! Certainly one to try this weekend. Click here to see what beers they have on offer!

Wilson Brewing Co

Brew U

Brew University is a hub for those old and new to the craft beer game. Not only do they offer a range of craft beers with international influence, they offer brewing classes and tips for the complete novice who is looking to try something new! They can create beers custom just for you – which simply speaks to their level of creativity and willingness to invent new beers whenever possible. If you want to try something new, their range spans from American influenced beers, all the way to Japan. Our pick though has to be their Farmhouse Ale is on tap for this weekend – be sure to give it a try!

Brew U

All of these brewers look to produce from local sources, and do their part in promoting all the good things of using homegrown ingredients. Of course, Beerfest will have all of the much loved and well known craft names in the game – Colonial, Cheek Monkey etc. – but there is always room to try something new. The Craft beer scene in WA is only getting bigger and better, and it’s great to see. Get down this weekend and give these guys a try!

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