Zero Latency

Zero Latency has fast become a popular destination just off of William Street in Northbridge. This Virtual Reality (VR) gaming company has made waves over east, and have since opened their first venue in WA. They have taken over the old Timezone building at 282 – 252 Newcastle Street. Zero Latency has become extremely popular for many different groups – from young adults, to birthday parties and Corporate group outings.

To further their service offering – Canford were engaged in December 2020, to prepare and lodge a small bar licence application. Working closely with the team, the process of obtaining an approved liquor licence took just under a year.  This lengthy application process was quite unorthodox for a liquor licence application of this nature.

The list of hurdles that we, and the client, had to overcome was somewhat extensive. In one instance, difficulty arose from having our client, Council and the Licensing Authority agree upon the appropriate licensed area. The issue was patron access to alcohol before / during / after their VR Gaming bookings, and whether or not it was appropriate to licence the ‘gaming area’, or just the specific ‘small bar’ area.


Another issue that came up was applying for the appropriate land use that satisfied the City of Vincent and the Licensing Authority. With the last Development Approval for the building having been signed off on as an ‘Amusement Parlour’ back in 1999, changing the use to ‘Amusement Parlour and Small Bar’ required advertising and a revised parking management plan, among other things.

Lastly, due to the gap in time between the building’s last set of approvals – bringing the premises up to a health standard satisfactory for Council required submission of a fire log and pest control log, as well as multiple onsite inspections of the small bar, kitchen and aircon systems.


Thankfully, throughout this process Canford were able to work collaboratively with Zero Latency. We were able to aid them throughout this entire process, eventuating in the approval of their Small Bar liquor licence earlier last month.

While the process took longer than the standard time to have a their licence approved – the effort was worth it. We would like to thank the team for the opportunity to work on Perth’s first Zero Latency venue, and we wish them the best for the future.

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