X-Golf Nedlands & Rockingham

X-Golf have continued their expansion across Perth, most recently opening two new venues in the suburbs of Nedlands and Rockingham. Canford were once again on board to assist with both premises’ liquor licence and Council applications.

X-Golf Nedlands

Located at 158 Stirling Highway, Nedlands this X-Golf premises has been a long-time coming. 

Canford were engaged by Peter and Tanya Wall to assist in their liquor licence application. Through a few conversations and reviews of local planning policies, it was agreed that a Special Facility Licence (Amusement Venue) would both satisfy their intended style of operation for the venue, as well as both the Licensing Authority and Town of Nedlands.

Through a very detailed development application process, the land use of ‘recreation private’ was eventually granted by the Town. The next hurdle was then handling a 3-stage document exchange process due to an intervention notice received from the State’s Chief Health Officer. The result of this document exchange was that the licence was approved, but the Chief Health Officer then sought a review at the Liquor Commission.

Despite all of these setbacks and hurdles, X-Golf Nedlands opened their doors on 9th May, 2024.

Having first been engaged by the client back in September 2021 (some 2 and a half years ago), we’re very thankful to Peter and Tanya for the opportunity to assist with this project. 

X-Golf Rockingham

Canford began work on X-Golf Rockingham and client Alex Makreel on their premises down at the Rockingham Shopping Centre in July of 2022.

After some discussions with the client on their intended style of operation and what would be allowable at their premises with the restrictions of the Rockingham local town planning scheme, it was agreed that a small bar licence application was the best way to go.

Outside of a simple Development Application process to change the approved land use to small bar, the application thankfully moved through local Council and the Licensing Authority smoothly.

With Canford’s work complete, X-Golf Rockingham opened in December of 2023, just in time for Christmas.
Thanks once more to X-Golf for their continued partnership with Canford.

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