The Raft Perth

Canford have very recently worked with The Raft Perth on obtaining a tavern restricted liquor licence. For those yet to discover what this new venue is – it will be an open air event space operating close to Barrack Street Jetty for corporate functions, to weddings, birthdays and celebrations.

They are aiming to provide a venue that is versatile enough to celebrate all forms of art and culture. They are doing this with the view that it will help enhance the tourism industry  in Perth. With a design that blends with the river setting and a 300-patron capacity, it’s sure to become a popular venue.

The venue’s concept really aligns with how to best celebrate the river and the general feel of Perth’s sunnier months. It brings obvious benefits to tourists looking to come and celebrate the best of Perth weather. However, there were concerns posed by residents of the South Perth foreshore and the Government, and even the WA Police about noise and river pollution.

Fortunately, we were able to prove its benefit to the community, and more importantly, the licensing authority. We were able to gain substantial public support for the venture. The operators worked through all the approval required by the authorities, ensuring all concerns were addressed. Namely, making sure it will slip seamlessly onto the river and not impact it in any negative way. The Raft will not only align with Perth’s drinking and event scene, but will also bring some new value add to what our city can offer its visitors. The design of the venue, along with the liquor licence we were fortunately able to help provide, makes the Raft Perth able to transform itself from an evening dining spot, to casual cocktail drinks, all the way through to a live music venue.

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