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Follow the Hospitality Science

The saying of the year in the face of the pandemic – was (and still is) ‘follow the science’. 

The hospitality industry has faced huge challenges in 2020. Challenges which have tested the industry like never before.

Canford has been engaged by Councils to provide advice to numerous hospitality venues, within their jurisdictions, on dealing with the lockdown, and positioning or repositioning the business to be in the best place coming out. This was funded by these local Governments as part of their response to the lockdown. We looked to bring some hospitality science to each venue, using some facts and figures to guide future planning.

Canford’s hospitality science has helped to secure the long-term success of projects like City Beach, the Wembley Golf Complex and the West Coast Eagles food and beverage offer at Lathlain.

In 2020 we also helped one client to take an alternate path for their venue which resulted in a rent offer more than double what they had budgeted for, it helped another client secure a long-term lease for their venue with a large national company, and helped a local authority secure a quality tenant paying market rent in this post lockdown era, and after that local authority had failed in a previous attempt to find a tenant.

Following Canford’s hospitality science has delivered results, tangible financial results.

It’s fair to say the hospitality industry has had to adapt extremely quickly to the pandemic, and that the way the industry works may never quite be the same again. Regardless, all challenges have solutions – and we’ve found a way to lead our clients forward. 

We will see you all in 2021 – have a safe and merry festive season.

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